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WenZhou ZhanXin News Material Technology Co., a professional produce kinds of packaging printing material and a part of Automobile accessories products of company. Zhanxins was founded in October, 2016 by Mr. Xiaofei Ma venture with investment 5 million. The Zhanxin is located in the Wanyang industrial area , Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The building area is about 5000 square meters. Company Vision 1.To be specialist in manufacturing packaging printing material for this industries; 2.Provide quality consistent products, in time service solution to our customers; Quality Policy to produce prodcuts can be simple used, accept customer custom ,fulfis Personalise need in the market Company Culture Value, Help our customers to solve their problems and offer them require of products are the value of our existence; Practice, Emphasize execution feasibility, avoid only talk and do not to do; Control, Check carefully supervise every detail, identify problems and solve it; Persist, Persist in doing our own characteristics, persist in doing each thing well; Development, Every things is development, offer to meet market demand products; Our products Cold foils, holographic film , holographic transfer foils, holographic lamination films, soft touch lamination films, UV casting films. Colorful film, sunshade. Our advantage 1.We have one coater can produce the width o
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    Phone number:+86-13057939072  


    Factory address:NO.F09 Wanyang International industrail, Binhai New Area, Pingyang County